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Do you need direction from a Godly perspective? One-on-one video sessions are helpful when you need someone to listen, care and help you develop a plan of action. Whether it is helping you follow the call of Christ, develop a change in behavior, improving relationships with others, or guidance on an important decision, she is here to help you see what God's Word says about it.  Ms. Whitehead has a degree in Psychology and many years of studying God's Word including a 7-year graduate of BSF (expository teaching of the Bible), many years as a lay counselor in church and the Pioneer Training School of The Last Reformation. She is also a deliverance minister on Isaiah Saldivar's deliverance team.  Ms. Whitehead does not have nor claim to have a state license in counseling. We have a list of licensed counselors that we recommend for individuals after our video sessions. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email for available times that work best for you.

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