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Are you struggling with health issues?
Do you have an addiction?
Do you feel that you can't break free from habitual sin, no matter how much you want to? 

While I don't believe that a Christian can be possessed by a demon,  I do believe that Christians often have unclean spirits because we are not taught to repent of these things in order to be set free. Unclean spirits sometimes have the legal right to be there. For instance, if you have unforgiveness in your heart, you are giving legal right to that spirit and many health problems can originate from unforgiveness. 
God's Word tells us to go and cast out demons. If all demons leave when we repent and follow Christ, then why did Jesus tell us to go and do this? Jesus went around teaching on the kingdom, teaching repentance and baptism, healing the sick, and casting out demons. This was mentioned multiple times in the new testament so how do we just ignore it and pretend it's not real? The enemy has done a great job of deceiving us into thinking that it's weird or that it just doesn't exist. Nothing is a substitute for deliverance-- not medication, not counseling--NOTHING. Anyone can have demons. How do you know if you have a demon or unclean spirits? We have a list of common symptoms that you can review. There are many ways that we open ourselves up to demons. When we live in habitual sin as a Christian, we open ourselves up to unclean spirits. A traumatic situation can also be a portal. You may say, "I was innocent when I experienced a traumatic event. That's not fair."  It's unfortunate, but satan doesn't play fair.  Unforgiveness and bitterness are open doors, witchcraft of any form, sexual sins, and more. Sometimes you can speak a self-deliverance prayer and receive results, but a lot of stubborn demons need to be cast out by someone else. We have a deliverance team who will help you experience freedom by casting out demons and then praying for the Holy Spirit to fill you. This is a free service of the ministry. Please email for an appointment. You will need to fill out the following forms after setting up a time. 


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